12+ Buff Brahma Hatching Eggs NPIP cert.


7 Years
Dec 1, 2012
Frierson, La
I am offering for sale LF Buff Brahma hatching eggs at $10 per dozen plus extras. These birds are cold hardy, dependable layers of large brown eggs, and have an amazing temperament. I have hatched these eggs and fertility is awesome but my brooders are over full so I need to sell some. My hatch rate here at the farm is well over 90% but I cannot guarantee yours due to Post Office handling and individual hatching practices. Eggs are gathered twice daily and kept cool, being turned 3 times per day. Eggs will be 1-3 days old at time of shipping. I will wrap them in bubble wrap and pack them in packing peanuts for safety. I cannot control what happens once they leave my hands but they will be packaged first class. I ship on Mon and Tues to insure they will not sit in PO all weekend. Please add $15 for shipping. Thanks for looking. PM me if interested. Pick up fine too, I'm in Shreveport, La.
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