12+ Buff Orpington Eggs NPIP AUCTION


Orpingtons Are Us
9 Years
Dec 1, 2010
Owasso, Oklahoma
AUCTION ENDING 1-16-12 at 12 noon CST

Shipping is a Flat Rate of $15

PayPal is the only payment we accept. Out PayPal is [email protected].

My Hens and pullets are laying well so I have 12+ eggs for sale starting at $10 with $0.50 increase increments. I have a total of 1 rooster over 7 hens, 2 pullets and you will receive a few pullet eggs maybe 3-4 just depends on how the lay. You should receive at least 13 eggs unless there current laying pattern changes. The pullets have been laying for a few weeks and there eggs are hatchable. I have hatched there first 5 out of 6 eggs they layed.

Please PM if you have any questions!

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