12 Campbell Duck eggs available for immediate shipment--SOLD

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    For sale:

    NPIP Approved, fertility checked - 100% fertility out of the last 25 eggs set and high hatches rates (about 95%) as well.

    Prices are as follows and all prices include shipping:
    6 Khaki split to Dark Campbell eggs $35
    12 Khaki split to Dark Campbell eggs $45

    Eggs come from a pen of both Khaki Campbell and Dark Campbell ducks. Since it is so close to winter, they are all running together. Some follow Standard of Perfection, some do not. All are pure-bred, but not all are show quality. Ducklings may hatch out Khaki, Dark, and/or Khaki Split to Dark. We are getting an egg every day from each of the hens and about once a week, we get more eggs than we have duck hens (someone is laying two eggs in a day)!!!

    Cannot guarantee that you will get Standard of Perfection ducklings, but I do guarantee that all ducklings you hatch will be pure bred. I cannot guarantee hatch rates once they leave due to Postal Service handling, but if you have any problems, PLEASE let me know. Fertility rates were 100% with last 25 eggs set and we are getting great hatch rates around 95-100% as well (hatch rate is calculated as how many of the fertile eggs hatch).
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