12 Chicken Flock, all hens, 9 Cochins and 3 Americaunas - San Fernando Valley


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Jun 9, 2012
My roommate and I keep a flock of chickens here at our house in Chatsworth, CA. At the end of October we're moving down into the city and we don't think it would be a good place to keep the chickens (a yard big enough for them would be out of our price range). There are 5 adult Cochin hens, all laying (though I suspect one isn't laying because she's taken over the duty of rooster). There are 7 3+ month old chicks, 3 Americaunas and 4 cochins, which will probably start laying some time in the winter. Three of the adult hens are missing some feathers on their backs from a rooster that was much fonder of them than the others. The rooster was rehomed several months ago and their feathers are starting to come back in, but they still look kind of ragged on their backs. Other than that, all of the ladies seem very healthy. We'd prefer to not split up the flock, and that they go to someone who already has chickens and knows how to take care of them. It would also be nice if you were in the area so we could come by and see them again sometime.

Part of our agreement with our landladies was that, once we moved, we'd return the yard to the way it was. We built a massive run in the backyard that we have to remove and re-grass. The $80 is really just to cover getting that taken care of. We're willing to give you the chickens for free if you help take down and remove the run, but keep in mind that's not a quick thing. Its posts are cemented into the ground and will need to be dug up. If you need some hardware cloth or wood, feel free to take what you like. All of the materials for this cost over $1000 so I'd hate for them to go to waste or just be thrown out.
Do you have any smaller breeds or Bantams? I live in Burbank and am looking company for my 14 wee old and her mother.

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