12+ D'uccle (Project) and Partridge Silkie purebred bantams


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I have my bator full and offering eggs from my partridge silkies and projected d'uccle. These eggs will be a combined 12+ from each pen to make a dozen plus whatever is laid before shipping. They are purebred and in separate pens. The eggs will come from:

Pen #1 - My Partridge Silkies - Video of them (The eggs will be marked SI)

Pen #2 - My Mille Fleur over Porcelain Pen: (These will be marked ZD - rooster and breed)

ZoomZoom: also auction picture



Blossom one of his Porcelain girls:



Pen #3 - Mille Fleur x Lavender d'Uccle over Mille Fleur x Lavender: (These eggs will be marked LD - rooster name and breed)
These birds are the offspring of Wegotchickens' Roo, Tenneesee over her Lavender hens.



I cannot guarantee hatch rate because the eggs will be shipped but I can say my fertility thusfar on these birds has been 100%. My incubator is full currently and all are developing, scbatz33 has a dozen or so in her bator and they are all developing nicely. I do have babies from Pen #3 on the ground that are adorable.

I will package the eggs securely and ship them the morning after the auction ends. I will ship via flat rate USPS.
I accept paypal [email protected]

Please feel free to ask any questions. If you would like more pictures of any of the birds, please feel free to PM me or post here with your email address and I will take them and send them with my Droid right to you.

These are the sweetest birds, very friendly and docile. The d'uccles are great projects. Pen #2 should give you Milles with the lavender gene for later porcelain. Pen #3 is just fun....I can add pics of 2 pullets that are offspring from that breeding.
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