12+ First Generation Olive Egger Hatching eggs

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    Sep 21, 2009
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    Up for sale are 12+ of my First Generation Olive Egger hatching eggs. The eggs you receive will be green/blue Easter Egger eggs. My Easter Egger hens are penned with a Black Copper Marans rooster.

    Fertility has been great with these eggs. Many have had great hatches with these shipped eggs.

    I as well as others have been hatching black and blue chicks with the occasional unique colored chick! My first Olive Egger chicks to hatch are approximately 3 months old. I am expecting them to lay sometime in November.

    I have decided to keep a few Easter Eggers around until I see how olive the first OE's lay. I am redoing my pens and will only have my adult BCM roos around for another couple of weeks. My next generation of BCM roos are currently only 6 weeks of age. I will only be selling these OE eggs for a few more weeks after that they won't be available again until spring.

    Please do not hit Buy it Now. I have more than one available. Please PM instead if interested. Thanks!

    As with all shipped eggs I can not guarantee hatch-ability. I do, however, pack well to insure the best delivery possible.

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