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12+ fresh hatching eggs from our Grand Champion Call Duck flock

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by dqmastiff, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. dqmastiff

    dqmastiff In the Brooder

    Jan 1, 2009
    Up for auction are 12+ fresh hatching eggs from our Grand Champion Call Duck flock. 10 yrs in the making <<<NOT A PRE_SALE EGGS NOW>>>>At the present time I have not divided up anyone and we are in the process of putting my breeder pens together for this year but the eggs keep coming. These calls are on fresh water,both organice and pellet food.We have worked hard at making sure our calls are close to perfection. We have sold thousands to 4-h kids and done so well most ducklings are booked for the season already. Many of our Call Ducks have made grand champion status. Eggs are gathered everyday that being said..here's your chance to get some quality birds for a reasonable price. I assure you these calls are the smallest most refined calls you will see.The beaks are amzingly short,nice round small head types,and perfect sized bodies.I have set my first set of eggs (do not want to send non-fertile eggs even if they are mixed) and fertility is amazing 90%.

    I have over 100 call ducks and you will get a variety of eggs White Grey self blacks Khaki Snowy (chocolate Snowies also) Pastel Chocolate Buff Pied Blue pied silver Butterscotch and Pencilled and many more color

    To keep my egg shipments on schedule, I only accept PayPal payments. If this is a problem, don't bid, instead, please contact me and we'll try to work something out. I'll gladly combine shipping, just add $2.00 for each additional auction.

    I mark all over the Priority mail boxes "Fragile Hatching Eggs", "Avoid Extreme Temperatures", Do Not X-Ray". I also put foil lined inside the box so if it is x-rayed eggs will be fine. I also charge $1.50 handling to help cover fees and for delivery confirmation/tracking. Ebay should automatically add this into the shipping charges shown with the auction. I only ship eggs to the lower 48 states, nothing overseas.

    We take great care in our breeding birds and only keep the very best for the next years breeding.
    Please check out my site for hatching and incubating tips.
    We will give you support if needed on hatching these little calls.

    Before bidding, realize that bantam duck eggs are hard to hatch. Some breeders swear that by not adding any water to the incubator and only in the hatcher increases hatchability, while others not only put water in the incubator, but spray extra water on the eggs everyday. Others take their eggs out each day for a few minutes to let them "rest" and cool down. Still others won't use the automatic turners on their incubators, they hand turn their duck eggs. Due to this and other things out of my control (like how the eggs are handled through the postal system), I cannot guarantee your hatch rate. Also, I cannot offer refunds, credits or replacement eggs.


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