12 + large frame light brahma eggs


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hi all, i have 18 hens, 3 roosters. i will collect eggs fri,sat and sun for monday shipping. 12 eggs plus what is layed those three days. pm me for pics of the flock. i have no idea how to put picks on here. the hens have been laying for 7 weeks. i also have 8 of these eggs under two silkie hens. hatch is due this sat. oh, they are not hatchery stock birds. thanks dawg..........
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Hey dawg, it's really easy to post pics. Here's what you do.

First, sign up for a Photobucket account if you don't already have one. Follow their directions for uploading pictures. After your pictures have loaded and you have finished with the editing, adding titles and comment/description sections, click "save and share now" button at the bottom of that page.

You should now see a page with the pictures that you just uploaded. Under each picture should be a list of link options. If you don't see that list of options at the bottom, look just above the picture. There should be a "Share" option at the top. In either instance, the option for posting pictures to BYC that you want is called "IMG" code.

Once you find the IMG code for the picture that you want, right click that then click copy. Come back to your listing here at BYC, and in the body of the message, on an open line, right click again and select paste. That should post the IMG code line directly into your post. You can then click the preview button at the bottom of the BYC page to see if it went through properly. If the picture is in the preview, it will be in your posting. If you need any further help with posting pictures, just send me a PM and we can discuss it there.

Best of luck on your auction. Amy
So could you post some pics?
i just had two chicks hatch from under a broody silkie. light brahmas. looks like the roos are taking care of bussiness. 5 more to go.

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