12 Lavender Orpingtons Day Old Chicks ~ WILL SHIP!! ~


9 Years
Jan 26, 2010
This is an ~Auction~listing.
Bidding starts @ $50.00 w/ $1.00 increments- Please post your bid at the bottom of the listing (do not PM it to me)and subscribe to the topic so you will be notified of new bids.
Auction ends Monday, 6/4/12 @ 11am Eastern
Shipping is Express Mail @ $40.00 including box or $20 Priority.
Payment is Paypal
only immediately at the close of the auctions as the chicks will ship Tuesday.

This auction is for day old chicks:

You will receive 12 of our beautiful Lavender Orpington day old chicks plus a couple extras!

Lavender Orpingtons: Most of our Lavenders were purchased as chicks from Paul Bradshaw. These birds are extremely gentle and excellent layers, not to mention absolutely stunning to look at. These orpingtons are absolutely huge gentle giants! Their beauty and gentleness makes them one of my favorite birds!

For more information on these and other breeds that we have please visit our website at www.TheFancyChick.com
We are NPIP certified in the state of Ohio. The pictures listed here are of our own birds.
Please paypal payments to rockinpaints@yahoo.com

**While we strive for quality in hopes to produce some ribbon winners in every hatch, we can not guarantee all chicks to be show quality. As in all breeding programs, unwanted characteristics may show up from time to time.**


Thanks for viewing and Good Luck! (If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask)
We do not ship to HI or SD.
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