12 Light Brahma (LF) Hatching Eggs

Fowl Visions

10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Keystone Heights, FL
This auction is for one dozen large fowl Light Brahma hatching eggs. Does not include shipping. Depending on where you live the shipping costs are as follows:

West Coast = $15.00
Middle of US = $12.00
East Cost = $9.00

I've got lots of eggs ready for shipment (over a dozen a day) of my light brahma eggs. They are fertile and hatching some of the cutest chicks. To verify your shipping costs PM me. I accept payment via paypal to [email protected].



I would just like to say that I received dark and buff eggs from Carole and her packaging is wonderful! When I picked up the box at the PO it had a dent in it but every single egg inside the box was perfect. She individually wraps each egg in bubble wrap and then cushions the eggs with paper. She sent three extras so I wound up with 15 eggs. I set them 11 days ago and Sunday I candled. Out of the 15, I have 10 growing chicks. I would say that is great for shipped eggs! I am so excited to see the chicks! Thank you Carole for such a great job getting them here safely!

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