12+ Mix Color Orpington Hatching Eggs

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    12+ mix color Orpington hatching eggs and any I have on shipping day. My incubator is full and I thought I would offer up some of my Orpingtons. I have Orpington chickens of many colors. So you could end up with a mix in color or pure colors. My hens are Buff Orpington and Blue(BBS) Orpington, my roosters are Buff, Black(BBS), Blue(BBS), and Blue Orpington. Feel free to PM me with questions. I am new at this so if I forgot something I am sorry, just let me know and I will fix it. Thanks for looking.
    I cannot guarantee hatch ability of these eggs due to postal handling, I only guarantee eggs to be fresh and fertile.
    I only ship Monday thru Wednesday.
    Payment can be made to [email protected] through paypal.
    Also my Lavender Hen and Splash Hen could be laying now and you might get a mix of those.

    Black(BBS) Rooster

    Blue(BBS) Rooster

    Buff Rooster

    Blue(BBS) Hen
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