12+ mixed breed eggs: Buff Orp roos over different breeds of hens


9 Years
May 14, 2010
North Edwards, CA
*** UPDATE*** Shipping is $15 not $20

Up for bid is 12+ mixed breed chicken eggs. I will send extras. This is my first time selling on here and the chicks I hatched this past weekend are so adorably cute.

I have 2 buff orpington roos over these breeds of hens: columbian wyandottes, delaware, new hampshire, turkens, white orpington. All are large fowl and pet quality. These eggs are various shades of brown. I will collect eggs for this auction the day before I ship out. I just hatched out some very cute chicks this past weekend with a good hatch rate. Here are some pictures of the chicks that hatched this weekend and the parent stock:

My buff roos:


Some of my hens:


I don't have the columbian wyandotte roo anymore.


Pictures of chicks that hatched out on March 5th and 6th:





These chicks wasn't completely dry at time picture was taken. There was a lamp on beside the incubator the chicks were drying out in plus the flash was on on my camera. They are so adorable. Most of the ones from my eggs are buff colored, red colored or brown but I don't know what color they will be once they feather out. Oh and some are light. These descriptions is from the color of their down fluff.

I cannot guarantee your hatch rates due to postal practices, your temps or humidity during incubation, etc . Eggs will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Payment must be made by Sunday so I can get these mailed out Monday morning (March 14th). Payment must be made by Paypal funds. Payment must be received before these eggs will ship.

My paypal email address is: [email protected]
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