12+ Mixed Layer Hatching Eggs


12 Years
Apr 2, 2009
Northeast Ohio
I have a mixed flock of mostly heavy and dual purpose breeds. I hatched many of these myself and they are really nice birds and GREAT layers! I have 31 hens and in the coldest weather get 24-30 eggs daily. And I get lots of X Large eggs of 70-80 grams
Good hatch guarantee or would replace for shipping.
Flock includes mostly brown egg layers covered by a RIR roo. Also have copper marans roos and others.
hens are: RIR x BR x cornish mixes (LARGE birds), black australorps, cuckoo marans, EE's, red sex-link, 2 turkens, a few polish, one blue silkie -- sorry no pics yet
Will try to honor special requests. These would ship on Monday. Thanks!
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