12+ (more available) coturnix quail eggs~~Tons of colors

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    You can get up to 9 dozen + at one time. I have 5 different pens, most are seperated by color. [​IMG]

    Pen #1 has a tibetan tux male with 2 tux females and a rosetta female (should be mostly tuxedoed babies)
    Pen #2 has 1 Jumbo brown male with 5 Jumbo brown females and a small jumbo cinnamon female
    Pen #3 has 2 white hens with a white male and a rosetta male (white male was thought to be a hen....oops! Should hatch tuxes and whites)
    Pen #4 has 1 tuxedo male with a tux, a tibetan, and a red tibetan female. Tibetan, tuxedo, red tibetan, and red tuxedo possibilities from this one, maybe whites too
    Pen #5 is my biggest pen. It consists of 13 jumbo golden hens, 2 jumbo whites, 1 jumbo brown, and a cinnamon hen. The tuxedo hen in this pen is broody [​IMG] The males in this pen are 2 jumbo golden, 1 jumbo brown, 1 jumbo white, and a cinnamon.

    Please contact me if you want eggs from specific pens only, since I usually mix them up. The # of eggs daily from each pen is as follows:
    #1: 2-3 eggs daily
    #2: 2-3 eggs daily
    #3: 1-2 eggs daily
    #4: 2-3 eggs daily
    #5: 12-18 eggs daily

    (Pics) Red:
    Pen #4:
    Jumbo browns:
    Rosettas (before I moved them)

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