12 Mottled Mutts hatching eggs


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Oct 19, 2009
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Up for auction are 12 eggs from my current mixed flock of Ameraucana, Araucana, and Easter Egger hens covered by two Tolbunt Polish and an Easter Egger. These eggs will hatch out to be some amazing, flashy colored blue egg laying Easter Eggers!


A view of the flock.

I will be collecting eggs only from the blue laying parents, however the father to the eggs will either be my smooth Tolbunt Polish, my Frizzled Tolbunt Polish, or my half Tolbunt Easter Egger. You will get a little less than a 50% chance of frizzled offspring, and about a 25% chance of chicks with mottling (the white markings seen on the Polish boys)

These are what egg shades/colors you should expect from this collection:


These are males and their hens.






For a sample of what you might get, here's some of my F1 Polish x Ameraucanas. You'll get a decent fraction of eggs that will hatch to look like them, and you'll also get some eggs from them. The eggs from them will turn out to be the truly crazy colored ones.

Here's a diagram of your color possibilities from the EE x EE mating (a little over 25% of the eggs you'll receive)


This truly is a unique mix of eggs, and the winning bidder is in luck, as they'll be the first to try out these wacky Easter Eggers! I won't be hatching any personally until spring, so it will be fun to watch my babies grow up on someone else's plot.

These eggs will ship out on Tuesday, January 3rd.
They will be no more than 5 days old when shipped. The weather here during that week will be mild and rainy, so there's no chances on my end of freezing damage. I pack my eggs well in foam inserts, deeply bundled into layers of bubblewrap and paper shreds.
I accept payments via Paypal or Money Orders if you do not have the former.

Good luck bidding!
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Very nice!!!!

Are you planning on selling these later...say the end of Feb?
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Quite likely. I plan to hatch a bunch of the EE x EE myself starting mid January, and from there it will be on and off availability until around April, then I'll have quite a bit available, and by then my frizzled pullet will start laying, so I'll introduce her to the breeding flock too.
Aw dang. I don't have an incubator yet and my broody silkie just quit since I wouldn't give her eggs.

I love the ones with the black heads and black spots on their necks. One of my EE x silky chicks had that when I was still hoping for a girl and I love it, but he's getting plain buff hackles in to my disappointment. I'll have to watch for a later auction.
Oh my gosh
they are beautiful
and EXACTLY the sort of random, funky, colored egg mix that I hope to get


I have a friend with lots of incubator experience (raises dozens of meat chickens every year) who wants to hatch some eggs for me...... but I don't yet have a completed coop......

Must remember first rule - coop THEN chickens - coop THEN chickens - coop THEN chickens.......
I so want to bid. I would love some of those, they are just what I want to do with my EE's.
But $24.00 + another $16.50= $40.50 is just too much money for me.
Good luck on you auction Illia!

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