12 Olive Egger Eggs ~~ Blue Orpington x Easter Eggers~~

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    I've been hatching out clutches of this cross and just love the big, healthy, blue, black, blue with brown/rust, and occasional brown babies. Most of the chicks inherit their mom's pea combs and muffs, and all have been big and healthy. The first group is 4 months old now. I kept a blue and rust cockerel, and 2 blue with faint brown leakage pullets. All are big and beautiful birds. They are too young to lay, but as most of the hens (mom's) lay blue to blue-green eggs, and the rooster's (dad's) sister lays a big, darker brown egg, I expect these guys to be olive eggers. Dad is a huge Blue Orpington rooster, and his kids are inheriting his size. I also have available brown eggs from my 2 SS, and 1 NH hen, covered by the same rooster. You should still get blue and black chicks, but would be brown egg layers. Fertility has been excellent, and hatch rate at home has been 100%. Gotta love that 'hybrid' vigor!
    I will send these out Monday afternoon. Please leave auction open and just PM me with your name, address, phone number,etc. Due to variables in the post office and incubators, I cannot guarantee your hatch, but pack as well as possible to try and ensure that the eggs arrive in one piece. Paypal at [email protected],or I can send an invoice to your email.
    These hatched out in late January. Middle chick is Tanqueray, my cockerel.
    Tanqueray at 4 months
    4 mo old clean-faced pullet
    Latest batch just hatched out last week
    Here is a photo of the eggs taken this week. The hens have been laying several months (brown eggs are Barnevelder and SS)
    Some of the hens with their old rooster
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