12+ Olive Egger Hatching Eggs

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    These eggs will be shipped after paypal is received. I generally ship Mon-Wednesday.

    12+ Olive Egger hatching eggs. I have a Blue Birchen Olive Egger Rooster over my Olive Egger Hens, producing 2nd generation Olive Eggers and black copper marans hens, these eggs will consistently be blue, splash and black chicks (and occasional partridge), all pea combed olive layers some have leg feathering.

    Some of my 2nd generation Olive Eggers and my Blue Birchen Olive Egger rooster.​


    I have hatched out many chicks, and currently hatching more. Fertility has been excellent. The eggs you will receive will be various shades of blue, olive, green and dark brown.

    Eggs will be packaged in bubble wrap and tightly secured with newspaper and bubble wrap mailed USPS priority box. PayPal only. Shipping will be $16.

    As always we can not be held responsible for your hatch rate due to Post Office handling, incubation practices and such.

    Please see my website for more information and pictures:

    Just PM me and Happy Hatching!!
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    AWWWWWWW! Your roosters are soooooooooooooooo cute! [​IMG]
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    Ooooh so happy to see you post an auction, you've got some of the nicest Olive Eggers I have ever hatched out! Big, beautiful, healthy and awesome colored chicks, can't go wrong with these eggs. Pm'ing you about a future order....
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    I have bought eggs from you on e bay.

    Can you plz tell me if any chicks will be F2 ? Isee this is an old post of yours. Are you still offering hatching eggs for sale?

    Thank you,

    Terri Singer
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    Sent you a PM about future chick purchase. I live in SETx as well and would love to meet ya and see your beautiful flock sometime. I'm new to BY chicken "farming" (haahaa) but am eager to learn from people like yourself :) ShellDero[​IMG]

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