12+ Orpington Hatching Eggs

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    12+ mix color Orpington hatching eggs
    I thought I would offer up some of my Orpington eggs. I have Orpington chickens of many colors. They all run together right now, you could end up with a mix in color or pure in color. My hens are Blue, Splash, Black, White and Lavender. My roosters are Buff, Black, Blue, White and Lavender. Questions please ask before bidding. I only ship eggs Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. This way there is less change of something going wrong at the Post Office over the weekend.
    As I am sure you have read, shipping is sometimes very hard on eggs to be hatched. I package eggs securely and ship ASAP, but once shipped, I have no control. My responsibility ends once I give the package to the Post Office. I have not had one egg break during shipping due to the way I package the eggs.
    I do not have my Buff Orps any more, just 1 Buff Rooster. This makes the odds greater for pure color Orps. But the girls could still be fertile from the Buff Roosters.

    These are some that I just hatched out.

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