12+ Production Red Hatching Eggs

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    Mar 15, 2010

    I am offering 12+ Production Red hatching eggs for a friend. I can testify that these eggs are fertile! I have 21 in my incubator right now and it looks like they are all making. Kinda hard to tell since these are nice brown eggs, and I candled them early.

    These will be cross breeds and they are beautiful chickens! They are a cross between her California Grey rooster and her Production Red hens. No, telling what they'll look like:) But, they should be great layers! They are for her:).

    Here are pictures of her chickens that I took while at her house:)

    This is her rooster!



    A few pics of her hens:)



    I am also listing some of her Production Black aka California Greys eggs, and some of my own Serema eggs:) here on BYC.

    I will be packaging these eggs for shipping for her. Here are a few pics of my packaging methods....



    I list shipping as $19.95 but will refund the difference minus $2 for delivery confirmation, PayPal fees, ect....

    NO E-CHECKS! Payment is due immediately after auction ends.

    Make payment to [email protected] through PayPal.

    Thank you!

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