12 + RARE BLUE ISBAR HATCHING EGGS (Greenfire Farms newly imported stock)

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    I am running a fall special. I have 12 + rare Blue Isbar hatching eggs to sell for $50.00 (shipping included). My birds are from the newly imported GreenFire Farms BLUE ISBAR stock. These eggs will be from my hens/roosters that were purchased directly from Greenfire Farms (chicks) in June, 2015, it consists of birds from their new recently imported stock.
    I have a black Isbar rooster 3 blue Isbar hens and 2 black Isbar hens, so all these chicks will hatch blue or black.
    BLUE ISBARS: This bred was developed in the 50's - 60's by a monk named Martin Silverudd. These birds are a large/medium sized bird that come in black, blue, and splash. Hens lay around 200 green eggs each year. They are the only know breed that has a single comb and lays a green eggs. Eggs can be light green, mossy green, and sometimes speckled green.
    My current setup will product blue and black chicks. The rooster and hens are all nice quality.
    All my chickens are fed free-choice 16% Lay Pellets and are given vitamins/electrolytes daily in the water. I will gather eggs 1 - 3 days at the most before selling or shipping, so the eggs will be really fresh. Due to different incubation techniques and/or shipping, I cannot guarantee the hatch rate of the eggs after they leave here, there are just way too many factors out of my control. Fertility has been tested on these eggs, I have been hatching chicks from my birds since early January, the hatch rate has been great. If you would like to purchase some eggs, or have any questions, please send send a private message, please do not post it as a reply
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    This might be a long shot, but do you happen to sell chicks? And I notice you previously sold cream legbar eggs, so I'm wondering if it's possible you could sell cream legbar chicks? Thank you for your time!!
  3. FantasyFeathers

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    Sep 7, 2014
    I'm also looking for Legbars. Can you list the breeds with hatching eggs available right now?
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    Sent you a PM
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    Still selling? Has the price changed?
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    Do you still have Isbar hatching eggs?

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