12+ Rhode Island Red Hatching eggs

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    Up for bid are 12+ Rhode Island Red hatching eggs. These are not production/ hatchery RIR's, they are a deep dark red color, large birds. Most of the flock was hatched last spring so they are on their first laying cycle, fertility is very high, we have 3 roo's covering 11 hens. Payment by paypal please and the eggs will ship 10/19 once payment is recieved. Your eggs will be packed in a #7 box as follows using only new material not recycled.

    2 layers of large bubble wrap on the bottom of the box
    layer of styrofoam packing peanuts
    each egg wrapped in a full 12" x 12" sheet of small bubble wrap
    styrofoam peanuts packed around the eggs and the side of the box
    layer of peanuts over the eggs
    2 layers of large bubble wrap on the top.

    Thanks for looking
    Steve in NC

    The pic didn't come thru for some reason, here they are

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