12 TURKEY Hatching EGGS - out of Gorgeous Porter's Heritage Turkeys

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    Eggs will be collected fresh and shipped using expedited shipping with careful packaging -- shipped out on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesday; so that eggs don't sit in post office over weekend.

    The parents are all pure bred and came from Kevin Porter aka Porter's Heritage Turkeys last year; HOWEVER the EGGS will be a MIX since they all run together free range. So far 2 of my turkey hens have hatched out over 20 poults, and they are really cute and colorful. Hatching rate under hens has been around 80%. These would be great if you want to raise some turkeys for Thanksgiving that are pretty to look at, too. Heritage turkeys are very much in demand, and customers will pay a LOT for free range heritage Thanksgiving turkeys. Or, if, like me, you just want some colorful turkey pets -- these turkeys are very friendly and curious and will keep you entertained [​IMG] Turkey poults do require higher protein turkey starter. And, while they do need attentive care during brooding, I have only lost 2 poults during brooding, and it was because I was using a box and they got behind a flap and smothered each other. So, I have never had any problems with illness during brooding -- except for some day old poults from Murray McMurray that came w/ omphalitis, and despite a rough start, they all survived and flourished. So, despite what you may read, turkey poults are NOT difficult to raise, and these come from very healthy and strong free range birds that I got last year as day old poults from Porter's. You can find great information and turkey poult tips on the Porter's Heritage Turkeys website, www.porterturkeys.com

    I have posted some videos on YouTube, so that you can see the possible turkey parents [​IMG]
    Part I

    Part II

    Part III

    And, here is a list of the parents' breeds / types:

    Black Winged Bronze aka Crimson Dawn


    Chocolate Palm

    Fall Fire

    Oregon Gray

    Pencilled Palm

    Pencilled Red Palm

    Royal Palm


    Tiger Bronze

    Red Bronze

    PLUS Rusty Black, which I don't think Kevin has listed on his site -- just a picture of a feather -
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    Ok I won soooo being new to BYC, how do I pay you? I have a paypal acct...but unlike ebay, I don't see how to pay here.

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