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12 Week Old Ameraucana Rooster (Cockerel) in Denver, Colorado

Discussion in 'Animals In Need of Free Re-Homing' started by acdev, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. acdev

    acdev In the Brooder

    Mar 30, 2013
    Littleton, Colorado

    First, we'd prefer re-homing the bird in a place that would allow him to live out his natural life, so we'd like to be sure he won't be fought or eaten. My wife and I have always raised our chickens as pets, so it's hard to imagine a chicken we raised would be mistreated. Eating chickens I understand, but not fighting them or putting them in terrible living situations.

    We have a 12 week old Ameraucana cockerel in need of a new home. He's pretty great, but we have to find a new home due to local ordinances. It's a pretty typical situation: we're allowed a certain number of hens, but no roosters. When one of our hens died (neighbor's dog got her) at the beginning of the summer, we bought two more little ones so they'd keep each other company. Last week, the rooster began crowing, so we were a little surprised although we know this happens quite a lot.

    At first, he only crowed in the morning. Now he's trying out his pipes during the afternoon. We've waited as long as we could because they're still pretty young and not fully integrated into the adult flock that we have, and we didn't want a single, lonely chick. The cockerel and pullet are pretty much attached at the hip. The more like a rooster he becomes, the more it forces our hand in trying to find a new place for him. We've grown attached to him, too.

    I can't say anything about his breeding, but I can guarantee that we've taken good care of all our chickens, this one included. We've never had a problem with diseases or mites and other parasites (knock on wood). The only death we've had was due to an animal attack -- she was otherwise perfectly healthy. He's never been fed hormones or antibiotics -- only good feed, vegetables, worms, and some supplements. He's completely healthy.

    He's pretty docile, and he's very comfortable with humans -- we handled the little ones a lot and spent a bunch of time with them when they were younger.

    I'd be willing to drive a pretty good distance to drop him off. We live in Littleton.

    Here are some pictures. He's a pretty one, too.
  2. sandi333

    sandi333 In the Brooder

    Sep 8, 2014
    I have 10, 5 month old hens. I was certain one was a rooster, but sadly "he" laid an egg this am. I wanted my girls to have a rooster about, as they free range a few times a week (when I am home). Are you able to ship him? All of my girls are friendly and ok with being picked up. How is your roo with that?

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