12 week old Buckeye


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Apr 10, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains, California
I've been feeling pretty confident that my three 12-week-olds were pullets. I have one California White, one Barred Rock and one Buckeye (in addition to 8 adult hens). The Buckeye had a bit of black on the neck from pretty early on. This chick developed just slightly slower than the other two. Mom is weaning them now. This little one, who isn't quite named yet, (Minnie, Tiny, Teeny Tiny, Itty Bitty, Bitty, ... just can't decide, so s/he has lots of names) did snuggle next to mom last night. Sorry... getting off track here.
I noticed recently that Tiny has a deeper burgundy color than Aunt Ruby, who is also a Buckeye. I also noticed today that Tiny has a lot more black on the tail than Aunt Ruby. Oh dear. And the saddle feathers are more curved. Could this actually be a cockerel? The hackle feathers are NOT pointed... that is an illusion of the black striping.

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