12+ Welsummer Hatching Eggs

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    For auction 12 fertile beautiful rich dark terra cotta colored, some speckled, Welsummer eggs. These are purebred Welsummers from breeders stock bred to standard of perfection. Welsummers are a true auto sexing breed, meaning the chicks can be sexed at hatch from the markings on their heads. They are hardy chickens and good foragers but take confinement well. I have never had one go broody.
    The picture you see is a picture of our eggs taken April 2011. We ship only fresh, clean (never washed) eggs so if the hens don’t lay or the weather is bad and the eggs are muddy you can choose to delay your shipment or get a refund. We ship by Priority Mail after your prompt Paypal payment has cleared. Please advise if you want your shipment marked hold for pickup and be sure to include your phone number for notification by the post office. We ship only to the continental United States.
    We wrap each egg in bubble wrap and put them in an egg carton. The carton is placed in a Priority Mail box with packing peanuts. The box is marked Fragile.
    Purchasing shipped hatching eggs is risky. Please be aware of this before you bid. We include extra eggs in case of any damage during shipping. If you do have a problem with your shipment we will furnish more eggs if you will pay for the shipping. A picture of the broken eggs would be appreciated.
    We can not guarantee your hatch rate. Please do not hold us responsible for things that happen after the eggs leave us.
    If you have any concerns or questions please let us know.
    Happy hatching!

    NOTE: I prefer Paypal payment but am willing to work with you on alternate payment methods. Please contact me prior to bidding if you do not wish to use Paypal. I do not like to post my email, due to spam, so will pm to winner at end of auction.
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    What lines are your birds? Do you have pictures of your breeding stock?
  3. mschickychick

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    Jan 2, 2009
    I have had these for years and kept them pure. My lines are from A. Baker and Purdue University. You can check out the Breeds Page for more pictures of my Welsummers. Thanks for your interest.
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    Quote:Never heard of them. Usually Universities would buy their stock from hatcheries to do some experiments. I don't know enough about them.

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