12wk silkies ... 3 roos!?


Sep 19, 2020
SE QLD, Australia
My Coop
My Coop
1st time silkie owner. We got them at 2wks old now at 12weeks 'Sheila' is crowing.. The 3 white ones are in question;

Sheila (naked legs) - seen crowing in the morning.
Sheils 11dec20.jpg

Gucci (crooked beak, feathered legs) - lots of stretched neck being tall all the time, fluffed up neck while crowing going on.

gucci 11dec20.jpg

Spyro (normal looking one,fuller head feathers, feathered legs) - seems to have streamers? bottom of the white pack.

gang sheila spyro gucci 11dec20.jpg

L-R white sheila, Spyro & gucci

They're all roos huh 😢

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