14 week old REDs.....what kind?


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Alright, my kids are 14 weeks old today. Do I have cockerels or pullets?


JUST KIDDING. My roo was an early bloomer. And Evil.


Did I mention evil? Mean? Crazy?

I am assuming they are Rhode Island Reds....are they? Or some other type of red? Here are better pictures from a couple weeks ago.



I know my roo looks much older than his age (at least to me)....BUT...
Here they were 13 weeks ago.

What the heck are they? I thought RIR were little reddishorange chicks?
I was looking at that picture going "WHAT THE HECK?!? CAN SHE REALLY NOT TELL IT"S A ROOSTER???" lol Thanks for a good laugh--I needed it.
There not RIR's I would say a hatchery New Hampshires..
Below is a picture of a RIR Roster.

er of mine..
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Wingnuts, yeah it is pretty obvious isn't it? Ha ha ha.

Chris, yes he definitely does not look dark like RIR seem to be.

Is there any breed more evil than others? ha ha ha.

He is not a nice boy. Takes good care of his girl, but major bad attitude. I can no longer touch him other than a quick grab in and out of his night pen. He has been crowing for ages.....crows every couple minutes for hours at a time. Harrassing his single girl and doing the deed...I really need to add some more girls for him and move him to a larger pen. I am afraid to add him into my other pen as I have a nice Jersey Giant cockerel in there and some little sweet cochins, including a tiny one.

Hmmm.....New Hampshires.....will have to look them up!
As chicks they looked just like my New Hampshire Reds. Mine are only 5 weeks old, so not sure what they'll look like when they're all grown up. If they look like yours, I'll be happy!
nellabean, his attitude problem might be because fo the crows. If you would try keeping the crows away, and dont try to catch him and hold him yet.just let him get use to you being near him and his girl and get closer and closer every day.
they look too dark to be new hampshire reds but a little light to be rhode islands. id guess productions or rhode islands and you have a pullet and a cockerel.

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