15+ Large Fowl Dominique eggs ~NPIP~

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    15+ American Dominique large fowl eggs. Very docile and beautiful birds excellent for free ranging.

    These will go out on Monday-June 13, so please send Paypal after auction

    I bubble wrap each eggs and then place them in a egg carton which is securely packed in a LARGE #7 Priority Mail box. Box will be marked FRAGILE. I think the larger box offers good protection and rarely have damages but, I DO NOT guarantee hatch-ability due to shipping and your incubation methods. Please understand the risks involved with shipped eggs. Priority Mail shipping is $15.00...Please pay by Paypal after auction ends so that I can ship the eggs quickly. If you want me to send you a PayPal invoice you need to email or pm me your email address. NPIP # 64-1039 & US AI clean. Let me know if you need NPIP paperwork with the eggs. Check my other auctions . I will combine shipping when possible, but cannot hold eggs over to ship with another auction ending several days later, I want you to have freshest eggs possible. Thanks for looking ! Shipping only in U.S.

    PayPal to [email protected]

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    Oh how I wish I could bid on these!! However my first attempt at hatching if still in the incubator and its ancient. Need to order a new bator 1st. [​IMG]

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