15 week old Chicken! Love to know breed/Gender


7 Years
Sep 30, 2012
Australorp at 15 1/2 wks

These two are the same age. The Australorp is larger than the other 3 that we have and has the red comb/wattles. Neither crows.

? breed at 15 1/2 weeks - is this a cockerel or a pullet?? It is the only one of it's kind that we have so no comparison...

Alright-so here is our devil chicken, Pippin. He/she keeps on "crowing' which I believe to be an awkward squak. She is actually very mean. What breed / gender? If you have a good estimate and need more pictures please contact me!
Also I have closeups of another chicken. This Australorp is what we think to be a Rooster. Please give some feedback!

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1st pics look like a cockerel as for the 2nd without an age and body shot its hard to tell but the hackles look long and slender which would mean a cockerel to
The Australorp looks like a roo (pointed hackle and saddle feathers), and the grey one looks like a roo (pointed hackle feathers). Can't tell on the last picture of the black one, definitely need a body shot
I think the first one is a female and the second one I am guessing a male but it is hard to tell (is it molting?) The last BA looks like a male but it is hard to tell by just the face.

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