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12 Years
Nov 8, 2007
i looked in on the inb tonite it was up to 107.0 i dont know what could happit to it i hope some one can help me thank you alot
I am adjusting mine as we speak. One at a time. I had reset mine to factory setting and it was 102. My chicks were hatching out 3 day early and dying.

One of mine has the factory setting backwards. That took forever to figure out.

I did the reset thingy but changed the last set of turning 4 on and turned on 3 instead. Still too high. Reset it again and tried 2. That got me to 100.6 Good enough for now. It is steady.

The easiest is to reset to factory but play with the last step. You may need to start with number 3 or 5. monitor it with the thermometor. If it shows temps going higher than reset again and go lower.

by the way, you need a small screwdriver to do this. Like the kind you fix eye glasses with.
the 1588 shouldn't have spikes like this. do you have it in a room that is having a huge temp spike? unless your unit is dying or something, this is really odd.

is the red light on or off? is the fan running? what other things are going on? do you have another thermometer?

what species are you incubating and what day are you on? what is the humidity at?
My numbers are on the wrong side too and I was confused because the sample shows the three so I thought they had set mine too high. Does yours have an annoying high pitched squeal?
I do like it a lot and had a great hatch with it.
I have 4 and they all ran hotter than they should. Tested with 4 different therm/hygrometers.

They all reset fairly well (I got them down to 100 and stopped) except for the backward one. I really need to mark that one.

One has a higher pitch to it. I just wiggle the cords where they connect and it gets quieter.

All I can say is play with it. Go each direction. Maybe it will work.

But I would keep it running for awhile before I would trust it not to spike like that.

Mine only spiked when I reset it, because those directions did not work the same on all of mine.

Good luck

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