16 1/2 year old gander sick.

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    On October 27th I took my boy to the vet, he had an eye infection. My vet put him on Cipro eye drops 3x daily for 14 days. The whole eye was totally grey. Two days later he started to have a congestion sound in his throat. At this point the eye infection started to clear up. She checked his lungs and heart everything sounded clear and healthy. She put him on Baytril injections 1x daily for 14 days. He still has the congestion sound in his throat. The greyness in his eye is not as grey as it was, but he has no vision in that eye. He is alert, eating, drinking, but lays around in his pen he goes out to the pool then back to his pen. Could he have some type of worm. I gave him a dose of Ivermection this a.m. just in case there's gape worm there. I have had dealings with that in the past. I can't find the article I found yesterday about crop worms. It mentioned eye infections, and throat congestion. But it didn't say what med to use. We have a Board certified avain vet 2 hrs away, she's gone for two weeks. I can't wait that long. I keep him in his pen when I'm not outside, I don't want him getting hurt. Is there anybody that has any knowledge or idea what could be going on. Someone please help us. Thank you.

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