16 chicks and a few questions


8 Years
Feb 8, 2011
It's been a while since I last posted but we've had our 15+1 extra chicks (5 silver laced wyandottes, 5 speckled sussex, and 6 white plymouth rocks) for a little over a week now. I can't believe how fast they grow and how much they eat! All are trying to fly already. We had one that had an issue early on with a sticky butt, but that has been taken care of and it seems to be doing fine, developing a little slower than the rest but still growing. So the question I had is regarding grit...after reading a few other threads I picked up some construction sand for grit and placed a little in the brooder this afternoon. The chicks when nuts over it. How often should I do this? Should I be mixing some grit in with their starter mix? I know they don't need it for their starter mix but we want to start giving them some "treats", or scraps in the near future. Any suggestions on the grit would be appreciated. Also and recommendations as to what treats or scraps or alright for the chicks this early on would be welcomed too. Thanks!
If you decide to give grit, just put it in a separate container; don't mix it into their feed.

I have never used sand as bedding, but it seems like a popular option right now. I always use fine shavings, which are hard to deal with in their own way. I use baby chick grit by Manna Pro and it is red. I sprinkle it like salt over the baby food once a day, just a tiny bit. I would feel the crops and make sure they are not filled with sand on occasion. You can feel it if it is full and feel the consistency. I understand the sand is a great way to keep them cleaner, you can scoop out the poop.
Yeah, my chicks love their construction sand too. I have pretty big brooder, so I put in a whole cake pan full of it. They love to sort throught it and pick out the very best piece, then flop down for a dust bath. There are severla threads on here detailing what treats are OK to give. I give mine meal worms, and they got their first tast of cricket yesterday. Mine are 4 weeks old.

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