16 weeks old and I got my first egg? UPDATE

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    post copied from last week

    "Hi All,

    I'm so excited...I just went out to give my 16 week old bantams (4 EE's - 3 brahmas -1 golden seabright-1 cochin-1 brahma roo) their bedtime oatmeal and corn and I saw an egg!!! A little lite blueish/lite greenish egg. It was broken open and what was left inside was frozen. It looked like only white was left.

    Besides the fact that I'm sooooo surprised to have an egg this early...and that the shell was perfect even thought they are still on starter/grower feed (not layer)...but I'm also upset that it was broken into and eaten. I don't know when it was laid, since I wasn't looking yet, but...

    a) is this normal?
    b) do I have a problem now with them knowing eggs are good to eat?
    c)should I switch to layer feed now?
    d) do you think some jellylike eggs were laid and they ate them too?
    e) who do you think did it?
    f) could they have just stepped on the egg...broken it...and then the stuff inside just seeped out without them noticing? (I know, I'm reaching)

    They have open access to the large run (I kept the snow out), so they haven't been "cooped up" during this horrible weather, so the egg eating isn't boredom (I don't think).

    Wow...my first egg!!! It's so cute.ya"

    today's post
    Hi All again,

    I have been getting an egg every other day (4 so far) from my EE that started laying last Thurs. at 16 weeks old and now today I got 2 eggs, 1 brown and 1 the blueish/green. Out of the chickens listed above, do you think it has to be one of the brahmas? I really didn't think they would lay so early, but it's brown and the EE's eggs are blueish/green, so they're definitely from different chickens.

    Is this normal for a brahma? Or could it be the seabright?
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    I would get them on Layer feed

    You could put some wooden eggs in the nest so that when they peck at them, they don't get rewarded with a nice yolk and will soon stop.

    I don't have have Brahmas, but I have cochins which are similar and they mature slowly and don't lay very early. I don't have any experience with sebrights. All eggs are small to begin with.

    Hope this helps.

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