17 week old golden comet f2 cockeral


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Nov 27, 2010
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i would have thought he would be more developed then this..i looked today and he is only just now getting saddle feathers..this a normal age for that..i havent paid much attention to development of my birds until now..lol
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Fred's Hens :

Allow me to be the first to say, That isn't a Golden Comet Cockerel.

X2 my Gold Comet Cockerel is White with red highlights in his feathers and a little black on his tail but his feathers are white since Gold Comets are color sexable the boys are white the girls are the ones that are red sorry.​
alright let me be more specific
i bought some golden comets from the hatchery(those were sexlinked)
then just to see what i would get out of that bunch...i bred a golden comet to a golden comet
i got a bunch of various colored birds
only a few of which looked like golden comets from the hatchery
most were white with black in their feathers
others were all orange
various colors
sorry for the confusment
Ah that's entirely possible then he could be a Comet first generation since they don't breed true. I did the same thing bred my comet hens and roos and had 5 beautiful babies all white but one and that was a girl. Out of the white ones two are boys and two girls but also my EE roo got in and bred with the girls as well so two of the babies are his shown by the rose combs and green feet hehe.

Mine don't seem to be growing very fast either maybe because they don't keep the hybrid vigor when they are bred together. They are 8 weeks but look more like 6 week olds.
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That's better. Roosters are always a bit slower to develop. Additionally, the F2 of sex-links are notorious for the lack of growth vigor, i my experience. We've bred them back as well. The result was a very ordinary bird in most every way. Next step is to breed back to something more standard? That is our next step anyhow.
Yup the Gold Comets we buy have hybrid vigor that's what makes them grow faster. It kind of spoils us a bit then the offspring from them grow much slower and it doesn't seem right lol.

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