1700 BWhite quail pecking sever

You need to be more specific in what is going on, age of these quail, conditions they are in, housing, temps, etc... so we can get an idea of what might be going on. :)
400 sq ft coop closed on 2 sides gas and elec heater my main problem is day time temps birds are 12 days old reaching 100 degrees in day time have traps up on two open sides I remove them during the day tried putting fan outside birds didn't like the noise
I'm at the mercy of the weather heat wave is killing me need possibly alternate solution have put empty green sprite bottles in pen with red tape on them this was suggested to help occupy the birds
You could try misting them with water and keep the fan on them even if they don't like the sound. Mist them a few times an hour. When water evaporates, it keeps things cool. If there is an alternative place to take them, like a basement or garage that is even a few degrees cooler, that would help. Keep ice in their water, offer them cold fruit like watermelon, cut grapes, anything cold that will cool their internal temps down.

Adult quail can adjust their internal body temps, babies have not yet learned how to do so. So you have to do it for them. Good luck in all that heat.
I'm going to put a socket hose on top of building tomorrow hoping for 10 degree drop would you agrees this is mostly a reaction to heat they are not panting during the day but I feel it's got to be the biggest factor
Good news a friend is bring me a thermostat controlled gable fan to suck all that hot air out should lose 10 degrees easy and it's quieter
How is the new fan set up? It should help the situation out, however babies are quite delicate. Some should survive and will develop greater abilities to withstand heat issues in the future. Good luck!
Fan goes in tomorrow looking forward to it. I put a fan by the door to pull air trough the last couple of days it helped. Got trough the pecking phase lost about 130 birds. It was rough! Weather has cooled a bit that has helped a bunch. Will post some pics soon Thanks

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