18+ Black Copper Marans fertile hatching eggs - bred for exhibition & dark eggs/end of summer SALE!!


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Sep 25, 2007
Listing for sale 18+ for less than the price of what I normally sell 12+ for!! My Black Coppers are still laying quite well; I have no idea how much longer they'll be laying before heading to molt, but it seems such a shame to be eating such lovely eggs, so I thought I'd put an auction up for anyone wishing to do some late-season hatching.

My NPIP flock is bred for exhibition as well as for dark eggs. In fact, the Marans Chicken Club USA published a brouchure with facts about the breed, including conformation sketches and a picture of some very dark eggs...the eggs in the picture are from my flock. While my name is not credited to the photo, it's due to me asking them not to print my name with the picture. I have included the picture before cropping for this add.

That said, hens do lay lighter eggs as they go through their cycles; since my flock has been laying since late January, the eggs you receive will not be as dark as the pictures. The pictures show an example of what the potential may be that you can see from the pullets you hatch.

My line is mostly Bev Davis, and I mentor directly with her. While my birds are bred for exhibition, this in no way guarantees that your hatch will produce a show winner; I also cannot guarantee your hatch results. I check fertility weekly, and if I find even one egg that is unfertile, I adjust the ratio of cock to hen and continue checking until all check fertile before shipping again. I've shipped thousands of eggs this year (I've even shipped a couple boxes of eggs to Hawaii), and most everyone I've shipped to has reported very good to excellent hatch results.

My flock continues to be a work in progress; I have been breeding them close to eight years now, but as this breed is so new to the APA, most are considered project birds.

Sales are PayPal only, shipping is vial USPS Priority Mail, and price includes the hatching eggs, shipping, and packaging. I package in individual bubble wrap pouches, surrounded by many layers of bubble wrap (I will not ship in egg cartons).

I am only offering a few sets at this price, so long as the hens continue to lay. I am putting the following dates up for availability - again, these dates depend on the hens continuing to lay as well as they have been. I will not ship eggs more than 5 days old:


MANY THANKS for all the kind comments via PM regarding my flock, eggs, and your hatches - I do hope those of you who have gotten hatching eggs from me will continue on with improving this breed/variety - they are just beautiful, and in need of more good breeders!

Please PM with any questions.
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All I gotta say is you've achieved what I want to achieve, which is that "perfect" looking bird that lays the "perfect" color egg. Keep on truckin' lady, I'm right there with ya. Nice work! Gonna seek hatching eggs next spring, after my winter culls.
Many thanks for your kind words, Chicken Keith! Got your PM. Will get back with you in 2015.

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