18+ EE/mutt eggs for sale


10 Years
Mar 27, 2009
Cabarrus Co.
Hi, I have some EE/ mutt eggs for sale. Most of the hens are either EE or BO.The roo is a RIR cross. They do lay some mint green eggs, some dark brown, and light brown eggs. I do have a cochin banty cross that is laying a light pinkish egg and I can include a wide variety for you. I will be gathering over the next couple of days to insure that are fertile and fresh.
This is my first attempt at selling and shipping eggs, so I welcome any hints, tips and advice anyone has to offer!

Thanks for looking!
I forgot to mention that I got these eggs from Quail_Antwerp, hatched them with 14 out of 18 hatched and they are fantastic layers.

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