18+ eggss, all bantams-silkies, showgirls, sizzles, ameraucana,wyandottes,cornish,leghorn shipping i

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    You will get at least one egg from all breeds listed.

    Due to Handling of PO, weather, your incubation methods, ect, I can not guarantee you hatch rate. I do check for fertility every week

    she was excited to have her picture taken !!

    silkie cockrel , with all showgirl or showgirl frizzle hens in group except for one white silkie sizzle hen.:
    From this pen you can hatch silkies, silkie frizzles, showgirls, showgirl frizzles.


    Dark Cornish
    BBS Ameraucanas


    Lavender Bantam Ameraucana


    Light Brown Leghorn

    [​IMG][​IMG] Partridge wyandotts
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    I sent you a PM

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