18 Olive Egger/black Copper Marans Shipping INCLUDED


10 Years
Jul 22, 2009
For your consideration, 18 Olive Egger, possible pure Black Copper Marans ( Davis line) if wanted. I have Ameraucana hens 5, Olive Egger hens 10, and pure bred Black Copper Marans hens 12, covered by 5 Pure bred( Davis line) Black Copper Marans roosters and 3 Olive Egger roosters. There is a good chance of pure Marans on the dark eggs. All my BCM fit the French standard.
As you can see my Olive Eggers are producing really nice green eggs, the picture does not really do them justice.
You will receive a mix of olive 2nd generation, blue 1st generation and dark brown 1st generation OE or possibly pure BCM eggs.
All my birds are free ranged daily, no hormones or antibiotics.
I have checked fertility for several weeks and am seeing 100%
Your eggs are carefully packed and shipped USPS priority.
I do not sell any eggs that are more than 2 days old at shipping time, as long as payment is received immediately after auction end, eggs will be shipped next day at the latest, depending auction end time and USPS holidays.
As with all hatching egg purchases I cannot be responsible for damaged shipments ( extras will be sent in case of a mishandled box). Please be aware of the hazards of shipping eggs. I have not had any problems as of yet and I package your eggs carefully so they have the greatest chance of arriving in great hatching condition. I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to the many variables involved in your incubation process.
Payment by Paypal only to [email protected]
Thanks for looking
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