18 true rumpless aruacana eggs (standards)


10 Years
Jun 19, 2009
Bristol Va/Tn area
Hey everyone!!! I am doing a one day auction for 18+ of my true rumpless aruacana eggs. There are two off colored pullets in this group of Blue, Black, and Splash aruacanas. The roos are two blues, a splash and a black- they are half and half on tufts. The hens are also about half and half. We have a decent hatch rate here with the normal percent not making it out of the shell due to the lethal doubling of the tufted gene. I cannot guarantee your hatch rates, but this should be a great start or addition to an aruacana flock.
Thanks so much.
You're killing me with the girls on the bottom photo - Are they BBR? I have enough BBS birds, but I'd love some other color. Also, could I see egg color?
OK, got 'em. These are pullet eggs so they are small, but dont let their size fool you, they have hatched out some of the nicest chicks... I think I will take some pics of them, too. LOL. I included some of my d'uccle eggs and one of my olive egger eggs for color comparison... along with an olive green dish towel.

The eggs I received from a previous auction were a very lovely blue color. 3 out of 4 hatched (this was when it was REALLY cold) and the 3 thar hatched are goin' strong!
Im glad to hear that they are doing well. Hows the sizzles?

Sizzles are great! 2 blacks and 1 splash look a lot like silkies and 1 black has the most marvelous curls! Our camera battery is dead or I would post pics.

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