1st egg layed and it's a large!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by chkinut, Jun 14, 2011.

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    my Olive Egger laid her very first egg today! i wish i could post a pic!!! it's a beautiful olive color.....but it's huge for a first egg! it had some blood on it. it measured in at over 2 oz! i've never seen a first egg that big! i'm sure there are some on here who have, but this is my first time to see such a big first egg.

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    Congratulations !!! I am still waiting, and have a while to go...

    Not to steal the OP but where do you get an egg scale or what ever it is called? Would love to have one....any help would be appreciated.
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    you can use any scale that measures grams or oz. On the USDA website they have a list of what the weights are for an individual egg and an entire carton.

    Jumbo - 2.5 oz
    Extra Large - 2.25 oz
    Large - 2.0 oz
    Medium - 1.75 oz
    Small - 1.5 oz
    Pee Wee - 1.25 oz

    Than in order to call an entire dozen large or xtra large or what ever the entire dozen all together must weigh:

    Jumbo - 30 oz
    Extra Large - 27 oz
    Large - 24 oz
    Medium - 21 oz
    Small - 18 oz
    Pee Wee - 15 oz
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    Feb 25, 2010
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    i got my egg scale from Amazon.....if you go to the amazon site and type in "egg scale" it should come up with a "Jiffy III Egg Grading Scale". the one shown is blue, but mine is white. i LOVE it! simply cuz it's fun to get eggs from my girls, and sometimes i am amazed by the eggs (whether super small or super big) and the scale is just fun for me! you should get one!! [​IMG]

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