1st Egg!!!!!

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7 Years
Jun 1, 2012
Ummmm....so either my buff orp or one of my 2 plymouth rocks laid an egg today....I would be more thrilled, but I wasnt expecting it! They arent even 5 months old (4 1/2 months) and thought we had a few more weeks

I havent even set up nesting boxes or anything yet!

I still have them on grower...should I switch them to layer?! Do I need calcium supplementation?
Congrats on your first egg, I remember how excited I was when that happened a few weeks ago. I have the same two breeds and it was a rock that was first. The first eggs were much smaller than expected but they do get bigger. I understand they usually start anywhere between 4-6 months for most but I have some orps that are 6 months this week and still no eggs. My cousin who has had chickens longer than me starts mixing the grower and layer if he gets an early one like you did. There are a lot more experienced folks here so hopefully they will chime in for ya.

I give my hens the choice when they are young, I have both grower and layer for them to pick from, they have instinct and know which they need. However once they do slow down on grower I phase it out, if there are no young'ens still needing it. I do the same in winter with whole corn if its gonna get cold. Hope this helps.
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