1st experience with prolapse. Here's what I've done, what else can I do, and pictures.


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Hello my chicken guru's, sorry about the graphic pics but I don't know how to describe what I'm seeing and pictures tell more than I could anyway.

Last night I found my alpha (RIR) hen with a prolapse.

I've never dealt with this before so I did what I thought was logical. I soaked her in a warm bath and gently messaged till the egg came out. She was VERY relieved and she visibly relaxed so I figured I'd done it correctly.

She was still somewhat prolapsed so I did my best to gently push things back in and then she just pushed them back out. So I figured maybe she knows better than me and decided to leave well enough alone.
I used the blow dryer to dry her feathers and rear end, and she was busy admiring herself in the mirror the whole time! She's a little rough looking because we used to have 2 roosters and they both LOVED her way too much. She'll be her fluffy old self come Springtime... hopefully.

I put her back out in the coop with her sisters as it's the only shelter they have that is heated.
Then this morning I brought her in to check on her and she's all a mess again. I cleaned her again and applied honey as I have read on other threads that honey helps antiseptically and seems to encourage retraction. I was doubtful but I'm willing to try anything if it will help.

Please tell me what else I can do?!


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Jul 9, 2009

You are doing wonderfully well... you can try some prep-h on her prolapse too - it does take some time to get the prolapse to stay inside her - can take days...... it would also be a good idea to keep her somewhere dark and warm to slow down any egg production.

She is one beautiful chicken ( and obviously knows it ..... )

Good luck and keep us informed!


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