1st Hatch. Is my chick ok?


May 24, 2020
This is my 1st hatch and I just need some reassurance. I'm incubating these eggs for my mom but have never owned chickens before. She has some, but has never hatched either.

My 1st chick pipped between 530 and 830am and hatched around 8PM on Day 19. She's just laying around and sleeping alot. If I tap on the incubator she will startle awake but quickly lays back down and goes to sleep.She peeped right after hatching but isnt anymore. Ive seen her move around some, but not very much. Is that normal? Also is she getting dry enough?

2 other eggs pipped last night around 9PM (beginning of day 20). One has made good progress and the other hasn't done much. Does everything look ok with temp and humidity?


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I think she is ok. I had been playing her and my eggs video of chicks peeping and the video ran out so a different one started playing. I guess the new chicks are really speaking her language because she's moving all over the place now!

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