1st Hatch Question.....How They Should Be Positioned In The Incubator?


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Mar 4, 2009
I understand they need to be turned around 3 times a day. But I am also confused, because I believe I read somewhere the pointy end should be down....

If this is accurate that the pointy end should always be down, am I correct in presuming the rotating is basicall pointy end down, and pivoting the egg from one side to the other....

...or is it pointy end doen only during the last 3 days and I am supposed to rotate the eggs from pointy end to rounder end 3 X a day?

I am using a egg cardboard egg carton, with the tops cut off to hold the eggs. I am handturning too.....


in the cartons you need to cut a dime size hole in each egg slot and just tilt the carton to 30deg one way then tilt it 30deg the other for turning , and keep big end up, small end down. do this for days 1-18, and on day 18 after morning turn lay the cartons flat for the hatch, and bring humidty up, and do not open the bator till all chicks have hatched. use a tube to add water

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