1st one, then 2, now 4 - on three nests!

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    [​IMG] I have a Buff that went broody, and in a day or two a Rhodie. OK, start planning to move chickens to give them so privacy.

    Then I noticed there were two Buffs broody, so I moved the hens and rooster last night. One lone Buff hen was shy, so I let her stay in the coop and got the others into another coop.

    This morning, I opened the coop with the broodies, cause the last hen holdout was walking around the now broody coop. In an hour, I noticed the run in the broody coop was empty, so I closed it up.

    Fast forward to 8:00 tonight, and egg collecting. All good, getting the wire hen basket full, so I go to the broody Buff coop to check on the mamas.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] There are THREE Buff hens on the nests! One in one nest, she is stretched out to cover what must be a huge set of eggs, and TWO hens are in the other nest, just happy as can be!

    [​IMG] I guess I will just leave them all there, and when the chicks hatch, collect the eggs that are left over and hope I have a broody to continue. But will I end up with eggs for the next 15 or so days that the odd chicken out will lay till then? Or will she stop if she is truly broody????


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