1st Pallet build

Two Creeks Farm

8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
Hedgesville, WV
I was inspired after seeing some of the uses on this site for pallet coops. I needed to make a Goat shed for "Day-Z" and inbetween bands of rain from this hurricane, my youngest son and I tackled it today. We still have to paint it, then add the siding (board and baton ) and finally set it on the dirt.

I can now foresee some new breeding pens and coops in the works, this was pretty easy and took about an hour.

Ryan can now get a 2nd goat so he was really into the build!

Awsome....I saved your photo for future reference. Please update a pic of the finished product.
Trying to stay as cheap as possible, a visit to Lowes scored me some fence replacement slats at $1.50 each for the sides. I still need a few trim pieces and it will be officially done. I ended up with just shy of $200 in it including screws which i still have a bucket full of for future projects. The 2ft cut offs from the slats will be used for other projects as well.


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