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    Mar 14, 2018
    Hello. So this is my first time trying to hatch eggs with an incubator. I bought my incubator online. It has digital heat/humidity, and auto rotator. We had 12 eggs in it. On day 18, before lock down, 6 eggs didn't develop. The other 6 seemed to be on track. We've kept the temp at 37.5-37.7°C the whole time, and moved the humidity up to 65° on day 18. Today marks day 22 and no hatching, chirping, or pipping yet. Is it likely these 6 didn't make it, or should I leave them for a bit yet?
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    Leave them for a few days. Have you got an independent, calibrated thermometer as the ones on incubators are notorious for being incorrect? A lower temperature will delay the hatch.

    You can candle the eggs to see what's going on if none have externally pipped but try and keep them in the same position as they are lying in the incubator. You may see that the air cell has taken on quite a slant and increased in size - that's normal. You may see shadow beaks in the air cell meaning they have pipped internally. If the embryo has died it will sink towards the narrow end of the egg and look very black. There will be a watery gap between the embryo and the air cell. :fl for you and hope that helps.
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    Have you verified the temperature by comparing to a calibrated thermometer?
    Try a medical thermometer.
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    Mar 14, 2018
    I have a calibrated thermometer, I will try that as soon as I get home. Thanks soo much for all the helpful info, I really appreciate it!! I really hope that these babies are ok ♡
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