1st Timer w/ ?s


11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
Front Range, Colorado
I set up my new LG Still Air bator yesterday. Got the temp to stay steady, added water, and got the humidity to stabilize at around 40%. I added the eggs an hour ago, and the humidity has jumped to around 50%. Should I try to adjust the humidity or just leave it alone? I was reading that you shouldn't adjust temp the first day, but what about humidity? Thanks for the help!!

just leave it be. i have two LG's that i keep going all the time, and i try to keep my humidty at 30 to 40% for days 1-18, and 45 to 55% days 18- till all hatch. at hatch do not open the bator till all chicks have hatched, ( the chicks can live in bator for three days with out food or water) this is the way i do it william
you will get a good hatch, i hatch about 100 to 150 eggs a month in my bators,and have about a 95% hatch rate. if i can help you with ? just pm me william
I have a question...what do you do with the eggs while you are waiting to but them in the incubator? Do you just add them each day they are laid until there are enough in there?

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