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Apr 4, 2013
hey i have a light brown hen as an egg layer and she started sitting on her eggs recently and i think they should hatch in about 2 weeks but this is my first time with chicks. I let her out of her coop and let her lay wherever she wanted she picked the side of the house, just wondering if the chicks would survive if i let them be outside all the time with their mother without me intervening what so ever. Predators are not a problem and the weather isnt so bad in east L.A. Any advice/ suggestions?
They should be fine with her outside seeing how you don't seem to be worried with cats or other predators. Alot of mine are free range as well. I would suggest you keep an eye out for things though as they tend to show up when "food" is running about. Congratulations on your new little ones to come and good luck!!!

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